Nearly four years working on “Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practices” complete the legislation on. Director General of Health Services Prof. Dr.. Irfan Şencan, said details of the work was announced to the public through the press.

Traditional, complementary and alternative medicine practices that inform about what they did about 4 years Şencan study, conducted at the site noted that the applications be determined at the end of 31 chapters. Şencan, “06 June 2012 at the latest consultation meeting; Traditional, Complementary, Alternative Medicine for the implementation group has been established 5. Coordinator for each group was determined, “he said. Along with this restructuring, the individual and society; accessible, affordable and effective health service that aims to provide Şencan underlined that, “in order to ensure effectiveness and safety of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine practices with the aim to strengthen the regulations,” he said.

The legal framework will be determined
Give a final shape to the legislation at the end of a long work that Prof. Dr.. Şencan, so traditional complementary and alternative medicine practices with the framework of the laws and regulations will be drawn noted. Ministries and institutions affiliated with these provincial organizations working in the relevant staff in-service training, given that the Şencan, he continued: “Field of the changing structure to accommodate the specified practitioners and practice areas created according to the legislation to phase in the operating permit or authorization to start work. Applications determined by the creation of training programs related to the implementation of the practitioner shall receive training in areas related standards. ”

The world examples were examined
Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medical Practices Department also provides information about Şencan finished by saying: “I 09.Ek 2012 on coordinators meetings with the sub-groups and about the scientific research been consulted Office 2013 as activities were presented. Legislation to conduct scientific research in order to contribute to work within our Department 3 Professor Doctor Doctor and a commission from three experts was formed. By the Commission; traditional, complementary, alternative medicine practices identified under the group practice in the world and in our country about scientific studies, publications were examined. Evidence based identification of these identified applications are done. “